Tuesday, June 22, 2010


these photos are from last weekend, riding in the Carcross area

the Watson river

Spirit lake

hmmm, sometimes my head is full of stories
now i don't know what to write
it must be the meditation i am doing
it trains me to become mindfully
which is a contradiction in it self
my mind is more quiet
letting my thoughts flow by
being more in the moment
Really, i am not truth full
the thing is
i am just not focused this moment
maybe other thoughts are on my mind
things i don't want to write about
i find when my mind is still
new thoughts have room to flow in
not the repetitive ones
and that is quite amazing actually
i wish i could sit here still enough and let that happen
here i sit...
how do you write?
does it flow in while you write?
does it flow in during the day
and you recall it?
is it an idea that came to you
and now you work it out?
or like Christopher's poems
where they seem not be your own
but just your voice
or how i often write
i go back to that place in the wilderness
and relive the experience
sitting here i suddenly remember what i wanted to talk about
it's that oil spill
Mother Earth is crying
know one seems to know
how to stop her flow of tears
we made her sad
why why does she cry like that
if i only knew
my own deep grief
and truly knew my happiness
yes then then
all these people working hard
to make it good again
would they stop her flow of tears
would she ever be okay again
yes, i do believe in that
if we send her rainbows of our heart
sing her songs of joy
i do believe
i believe in her
i see her amazing strength here
every single day


Elisabeth said...

Good to meet you Jozien. I'm here via Christopher's Blog - behind the northern wall.

I'm interested in your thoughts on wildness and writing, and where your random thoughts might take you.

Brian said...

Hey keeper of the wild place .Yeah the greed for oil just goes on no matter what gets destroyed .There will come a time when the world will have to take a step back and give the old mother earth time to recover!! Other than that your horse and your day out looked like they should have lifted your spirits . Take care :)Brian((:

jozien said...

Hi Elisabeth, nice to meet you too.
Hey Brian, i always think that first step starts with me, so you encourage me to car pool again tomorrow, i know it will be a bother, it's easiest to just drive my own car, but as that is broken and i really don't want to drive the gas guzzling van.