Monday, March 3, 2014

the empress revealed

my love my love you are i am
what is this serum you injected in our veins
what do i need to know to put upon that alter
of roses, horse hair,  
white feathers floating down
pulling hard
to slide my naked legs onto the stallions back
my hands so rough
from steel locks frozen cold
holding now your manes
it's an orange liquid
your thrust is hard, i wince
pounding it reaches our fingertips
and from there we are the world
what a life! we say
we are wise, like toddlers having tamper tantrums
all is glorious as steam
creates a golden glow


Brian said...

Keep glowing wild lady ;)x

Anonymous said...

Please write again soon
Please awaken me
Ever so gently
Your thoughts from fingertips to pen
Inspire me
And I often wonder, before drifting off to sleep
Will we somehow meet
And share tender moments
A soft golden glow