Saturday, March 22, 2014


drifting in and out of sleep
a reoccurring nightmare, 
where i am getting old and still not found my man
the old spinster
her sisters, cousins
prettier more outgoing smarter
a moment later,
on a chair bolted to a ledge
i have the perfect view
it's a new dreamscape
one i have never entered
two mountain peaks 
vertically lining up, perfectly
connections are made
two ancient opposite truths coming together
morning light now bright daylight
the warmth of your body beside me
when did we loose the ability
to entangle as one
I fling my self out of bed
erase all evidence
and start over
with you


Anonymous said...

like your thoughts very much including symmetry of words

start over

christopher said...


We have not even
lost one hope, one sigh or snort,
one wink of an eye.
No, we have not lost
anything so important
as all that and more.
When you wash away
all sign of us this does not
matter for you are
pressed into my eyes
and I am spread all over
the house, in crannies,
in nooks, on steel hooks,
and other places you won't
ever find, ever.

christopher said...

See what I did with this poem here:

Brian said...

The lynx, a silent lady who keeps to the shadows , searching for her pleasures along the way , hiding from those she's hurt before , and looking for those she can beguile .. ;)

jozien said...

How come you all read more truths of me into it then i did?

Anonymous said...

"read more truths of me into it then i did"

Maybe its because you lay it all out there- it demonstrates an unusual openness.

lets start over

I like the sound of your words. Hope you find what you are looking for sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

Twilight at five, in the morning
blackbirds singing the morning chorus, robins and wrens also
a good way to wake or a torment
a harbinger of spring and renewal
embrace enjoy, the thaw is coming positive thoughts,

more time and emotions life proceeds