Monday, March 24, 2014

I do have a few pet peeves

And one of them is pills.
(this is not a poem btw)
What i wonder, who sold us on the idea that we need pills?
My answer to that question is actually quite obvious. Of course; how beautiful, i do not have to do anything to improve my life i can just pop a pill, and all will be well again.  ( this insight after my denial scam)

For me it already starts with vitamin pills.Why when we have all the money to buy food ( of which 50 % is thrown out, yes all of us, stocking our fridges just to throw out half of it) But why when we live in a society that is affluent. (yes Canada, and it is not the poorest among us that are taking pills) Why do we need to take pills, when we can choose to live healthy.

Then there is over the counter drugs. This is where my idea for this post started. A friend of mine was taking a certain drug. Her life still not perfect, someone made her aware of side effects. She stopped taking them and now she is doing much better.
I myself have taken ibuprofen or something like that, on occasion, and i probably will again. I am a whoosh and when i am in great pain and can't sleep. Can't sleep i say.  Sleep is often the best medicine.

And then the doctor, who studied medicine i always say, no where does it say  s/he studied healthy living.
I am just saying.  So apparently s/he knows a pill that just has the cure for you.

I always wonder why did we get sick in the first place?
Maybe first we should cut out whatever made us sick. Doesn't that make sense.
And what about finding out what actually hurts and why?

I have many methods of  finding out just that, ( i am not going into that now,  well writing poetry is one) a doctor is also just one of them. Kind of when i don't know or if i just want to know for sure, maybe it is something simple that a doctor has a test for, only than.

So i also wonder, when did we loose trust in our bodies? Our bodies an amazing thing, actually always in the works to make us better. Our body is that way. Pain a signal to stop. We cut ourselves, our whole system springs in action  to make us whole again.

Okay apparently most drugs that are prescribed by doctors are not about  physical health but  about mental health.
Not even anything wrong with the body and we take pills apparently in large amounts to make us feel better.

I know
Before it got taken of the shelves, my doctor prescribed me sudafed,  for some ongoing nasal congestion i had. I noticed that it actually lifted my spirits in a weird way. I stopped immediately. Why should i walk around all happy when i am not? ( I am still not smoking btw).

I think i have tendencies to be depressed.
 Over the years i have kind of learned what makes me feel good and i have learned some tools to get me there again.
Why would i want to keep doing what i don't like, take a pill and now feel happy about what i actually hate?????

( i am sorry if i offended some people, i am sure there is a time and place when we feel we have no other choice then to take pills.  And i feel compassion for those. And i do consider myself blessed that  at the moment  i do have that choice)

(The picture was taking a month ago, at the moment we have blue skies only)


Brian said...

Do the things that keep you happy and well done btw for staying off the smokes !! go forth on more adventures wild lady ;)

strider said...

How much of the so-called medication is actually just a placebo?

Anonymous said...

I do not take medications.

The wind that blows is all that anyone knows.

if you keep it simple maybe you can avoid medication. Good food and wine and beer can help a person avoid medication. As can the right balance in life and having someone warm to cuddle with.

Anonymous said...

My pet peeves include:

people using medication to make them feel better about life; self absorbed pets; self absorbed people; people who post anonymously on blogs; and people who do not take the time to blog or comment on blogs.