Monday, February 17, 2014


the castle
two towers 
green hillsides surrounding me
rolling down towards
far horizons
the spaces, the freedom, are a wall
ashlar impenetrable
doubtful descending spiral staircases 
how to escape when queen?
where is the king?
over yonder?
It's so far
it takes so long to reach that line
i loose myself half way
soft, no bottom 
to my longing
the castle 's a faint memory
stop the search
sit and look
the cold entering bones
specks of blood in snow
there; animal hair,
a feather,
the rock face in our mountain
from the deep dungeon of my loving
i climb towards the sun
do not ever think that castles bring us freedom
the more we own 
the more enclosed we are
your skin, my skin
it still sends currents
up our spines
bare stones do not burn
when will i be free?
i never read Longfellow's
never reached Acadie

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

do not ever think that castles bring us freedom

no, they ecumber us

but do not build a castle in the sky
without putting a good foundation under it

castles no, voluntary simplicity yes