Monday, March 17, 2014

the stage is set

I cut a tree today
by hand
My husband cut a tree today
22 inches diameter
the rings suggest 100 years old
I need clarity
the view is getting obscured
His tree deep in our forest  
I didn't even know it existed
so big and i didn't know
 I am sure it opened up something in someones heart
I couldn't see it 
That was not his intention anyway
I went for a walk that evening
A friend and i we walk
she in a city far away
I here
I always lacked will-power
we  support each other
An evening stroll for me
in my slippers
slippers in snow
because boots are too much work
they are for the morning
when i know how to live
She for her reasons
  successful today
45 minutes
My walk much shorter
It was quiet
totally quiet and no movement
Walking onto a stage
The colors where just right
They did dim the lights
and the colors of the ceiling changed
The only way i knew my life was real
 was by the cool air on my cheeks
No kisses tonight
And that tree i cut
much smaller as his
it was hard, the sap maybe running
the saw blade kept getting stuck

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christopher said...

This is a wonderful poem. Love you.