Friday, April 19, 2013


Swans at the Takhini river.
on April 15, 2013
Seemingly nowhere to go, as all the lakes and ponds around here are still solidly frozen.
Today i did see a flock of bohemian waxwings, which is.... possible every month of the year, but it was the first flock i saw here this year.

Crocus buds are forthcoming but very tiny.

And for spring's sake i went on a butterfly hunt. The mourning cloak is often on the wing in the middle of April, not this year.


strider said...

seen a peacock and a red admiral butterfly but i guess they have overwintered, no sign of a brimstone yet, they are usually first to emerge in the uk


Anonymous said...

For spring's sake I went to see swans last weekend. It was almost too bright a day and they were far out cryptically hidden by lake ice at M'Clintock. Further on we got very close to a few family groups along the Tagish River.

And last night at 11pm under a crescent moon they were low on the wing, just over the trees 100 meters from the house to the northwest, and then the same distance southeast, circling, calling, circling and calling again with their trumpet voices.

Passing on a prescient swan message about the future? Calling my name or asking for assistance? Was I a swan in a previous life- their language seems so clear and familiar. They seem to be driven by a knowledge which was old before we knew what knowledge was- perhaps its best to protect their habitat and gently share the earth with them.