Monday, April 29, 2013

a slight hint

today there is a slight hint of spring in the air
It's Big
maybe all is not lost
yesterday i went birding again
if i would have woken up out of long sleep
i would have said
winter is here
it arrived today

imagine we'd skip a summer 
i could  
and still feel good

ha , but the birds keep telling me different


Anonymous said...

I keep getting lost in gloomy wintry thoughts and then discover my seasons- indifference has lightened.
Like a late spring morning, my spirits lift when sunlight warms my face or I hear the calls of optimistic migrating birds. Last week at this time there were hundreds of redpolls feeding and calling, moving on with their migration and their ephemeral northern breeding season. They seem to have more energy that birds of the same species which chose to spend a long dark winter here.
Maybe that’s the answer, work on indifference by changes that offer a different visage. Not sure about ephemeral changes in relationships- by definition they provide sunlight and energy but somehow it does not usually last.

Anonymous said...

I woke up from a long sleep and it was snowing again.

I decided to outsleep the snow and late spring. Am well rested- will I gets lots of sleep tomorrow?