Sunday, April 7, 2013

for Stacie

As a reply to her comment; well Stacie it was kind of a mystery to us too. On that last day of march ( before the fresh dump of snow)  The meadows west of the 911-pond were bare as in the picture, Coming your way there was more snow left. Yet the river at the 911-pond was still fine to cross. The photo of this big hole in the ice, was taken by the river crossing  straight south from my place ( in between you and the 911-pond i suppose. Do you know i hung a piece of blue flagging for you were it is easy to get off the river onto the meadow there?
It seems the river ice drops in places, overflow fills the created hole, frost freezes it shut again, snow falls, and all seems as it was before. till! spring is truly here.
For the other readers, Stacie and i are neighbours , we met only once, needless to say it was on the trails. Some how our connection is only on the land and on the Internet, i do feel dearly about her.

March 30, i was skidoing in her neck of the woods. And  i met two lynx. Don spotted them first. For a while me and Don had seen tracks on the trails, which i thought were wolfs, being on the skidoo i didn't take time to inspect them, and again it shows me how little i know.
First spotting them they looked like wolfs to me. Then i became aware the one in the back was blondish. As i had a sideways view of it it appeared it had little horns and a little tail sticking up, ha. the thought of a goat came to mind, having grown up on a farm i suppose. Then the next second i knew it was a lynx. The tufts on his ears looking like little horns.

And it is April 7 today. On years past, the the beginning and middle of April means the yard is bare for a bit and  Elven creek starts flowing. This year; not yet.
re-frozen ice

the end of April flowers will be blooming
and migratory birds will be here.


dogsled_stacie said...

haha, I did not see a piece of blue flagging tape but I will look next year! I have seen a spot where someone comes fairly regularly(you guys?) onto the river from the meadows. I followed it for a bit but it was really windy!! LOL.

I love your posts about "our neighbourhood"!! See my latest post for the river overflow, I saw it happen right before my eyes for the first time, how cool!

Anonymous said...

Its a gloomy day today, a late spring snow flurry in southern Yukon. Maybe a reading day for me.

And I look towards your blog looking for some light and wisdom, they way you put thought to pen. Maybe I should say very intimate thought which resonates with my nature.

I love the photo of the deep blue ice- its almost looks glacial, thousands of years old, from a time when we did not warm the earth with our fossil fuels.