Saturday, April 27, 2013

love birds

about  a certain Joy
i need to talk to someone to draw out the words, but who? 
even people who listen, the story takes a turn to where i think they understand
so let me here on paper  try to create someone who totally understands
who actually has words for what i feel
someone comes to mind, a woman i kissed in the bathtub once
i can't write her name
you can't write truths in a single sentence, they are a lifetime long

i rather tell stories where i don't shine
when i myself read a story which starts...
she was beautiful...
i am put off, i feel well that ain't me

am i beautiful in the eyes of him?, you know who.
( of course here too i cannot use his real name, here for different reasons. Voldemort comes to mind, did  J.K .Rowling touch upon something that is inherent in this day and age. Do we live stories now more then ever that contain things, that must not be named.

there is great pleasure in meeting him.
I like it very much that he is beautiful to look at

Yes yes suddenly the answer comes to me

i have to learn to dwell in Joy
not wondering what is right or wrong
if it is right or wrong

when the moment is

well then it is

i see the sparkle in his eyes, his slight smile, his body leaning into me


strider said...

Hey Jo
be brave
be for the moment !
for a moment is all that it is
transient and fleeting
enjoy the pleasure of it's happening and remember it's passing
just one moment in time


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Dwell in the joy!

I love that statement.

Anonymous said...

dwell in the joy