Monday, April 22, 2013

Siberian Tigers

A Northern Harrier.
is it?  I saw at least three kinds of bird's of prey yesterday.
Not recognizing them  for who they are, always this confusion in my head, the excitement of seeing but then always thrown in a state of, which one is it.
( i will try to identify all of them and post them on

Last night i went to the Tiger Talk by John Valliant.
What i do know now is that i do want to read the book...
Because i want to learn about these tigers and  and i want to learn how people did live basically harmoniously with them for ... what was it 12 million years.
Tigers and people apparently co-existed since the beginning of  human time.

What confuses me greatly after such talk , was again, how it didn't get to the heart of the fact that i am the problem of the decline in numbers.

I am the problem!
I as a  modern human being. I feel i am having a larger footprint then theoretically possible for all humans to have and sustain the Earth as it was.

I do not know how to overcome this?

How do i stand up for the Tiger and all of Nature?


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christopher said...

You do what you can and then pray your ass off about the rest because you know what you do is so completely not enough. I learned long ago that over 90% of all the species ever on the planet are now extinct. We are likely an agent of evolution, thinking we are more than that. When we take out species as we are doing we are leaving holes to be filled later by still more evolution once we are gone. We will be gone, most likely, eventually.

Loving you.