Friday, February 17, 2012

a man in my forest

I have this man in my forest, i greet him every single day, he watches out for me.

It is good to have a tree like that, a tree that does that for me. Like all trees have meaning for me. I talked about it before, when i am not out there to listen, when my ears don't receive the vibration of the wind blowing through the trees, is there sound?
So to when i do not look at 'him' would he be there?

I wonder if in our society, the responsibility to see and hear is taken away.
As i write someone is probably working on to make yet another law to protect us, me.
All with very good intention. But i wonder if it totally takes our own responsibility away. Yesterday i heard Mars (the chocolate mars bar) is joining forces to stop obesity, they will eliminate their extra large bar, or something. It makes my mouth water listening to the news:) in the wrong way of course, now i would love a mars bar...
But my point is are the government, the schools, health care, helmets. Are working hard to keep us safe. It sometimes seems we lost the ability to keep ourselves safe.

Another side of the story, is they also encourage fear, we seemingly have to be afraid of what we put in our mouths.

Can we go back (i like to say forward actually) to a society were we actually look after ourselves. And with ourselves i also mean the people that are close to us.
When there is no health care, i have to look after me, and i have to look after the people around me that have fallen ill in some way.

What do you think?

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