Saturday, February 18, 2012


this one to the east
in every direction i have someone watching over me
quietly, strong, unfaltering

words are only words
whatever i write here
is black and white
I am gloriously happy
just not quite
Can one life in a state of constant bliss
i remember i remember, for a week i was there once
for years i lived in bliss
now i try to catch moments, that are not totally there
but it's just, i am maybe too aware
that life is what it is
yet my guards watch over me unfailingly

Yes my dear dear friend, who triggered this
i can imagine a life where everything is good
because i have this one and single thing

I as materialistic as anyone can be
when i would lay in the arms of a true love
that truly is my truelove
and i am his

Oh my how blessed are people who have found that
that's just not me
not yet
and maybe never

I smile in every wind direction
i know i live like that


hdt said...

If by chance our paths cross
Somewhere in your deep curving forest

I hope we find faint and delicate cougar prints
And follow them across the icy windblown snow
As your forest guards watch over quietly, strong, unfailingly

Protectors off in every direction
And many guiding stars overhead as the day gives way to night-time
And a keeper of wild places, another cougar
Alongside to protect me

Anonymous said...

we call them sentinel trees
can also reference the ents in lord of the rings

much love

aria said...

beautiful... and in the end it's all about love... always..