Monday, December 26, 2011

Peace on Earth

My photos don't really correspond with what i write.
I want to write about Peace on Earth and i show the sky, well it is a pink cloud at least.

I do believe in Peace on Earth.
maybe we have come along way in that direction, maybe not.
When i look one way, yes. when i look the other way, no.

This weekend i thought we need a vision, many people say a change is inevitable, things can't go on the way they way they do. Often it sounds like we have to do with less. Which feels like suffering. I do believe that shift doesn't mean we need to suffer. I do believe we will prevail. Of course we all do, i think nobody truly believes the world is going to end, or that our society is going to fall apart.
I always think if anybody believed that, they would now act differently. And nobody i know really does. We all try our best, we always have.

Alexander is studying Applied Health. As a young adult i love it how he sees things so clearly. He does learn in school that it is proven that when people believe that something is good for them, their recovery is faster. I was happy that he learns that in school.

I definitely believe in that, That we all have our own unique way, that if we believe in what we do or are, we will find peace in that. I don't believe there is one truth.

But it is not that simple for me.

Alexander says, mom when i administer a drug, that drug is effective, it is just that when people believe in the fact that you administered the right drug to them, it works better.

hmmmm ahhhh isn't that kind of scary? Have religions and governments not just done that? Make people believe there truth is the truth.
Yet i feel Alexander is right, and i am proud of him

And i hope for a world without drugs, really! eventually

Our bodies the miracle that they are! Everyday our heart keeps beating our blood flowing etc etc.

i stepped outside and i see one star shining brightly, it's Venus!


Anonymous said...

I also believe in Peace on earth.

Maybe we could start with peace in the Middle East which would mean Israel sharing land and power with the Palistinians.

And yes jozien, young people are not so cluttered or muddled in their thinking and they are often much more optimistic than older people.

Thoreau once said something like most older people are failures due to personal reasons. I think that is true with respect to many nations which usually have inertia with slows the pace of meaningful changes.

I plan to do with less- is the world falling apart? Some things certainly seem that way.

Many of the people I knew in the 1970's who were young and idealistic and lived remarkable lifestyles are now older, out of shape and many are passing away at an alarming rate. For the most part they left their cabins, traplines, fishing camps, and river existence and moved into town. The lifestyle they had is pretty much gone from many northern areas.

If you travel to poor counties you can see hope and promise in poverty- parents working for a better life for their children- long hours for school fees and clothing- hope for peace and a better life for their children in the future.

If we can mass produce inexpensive battery operated cars, that would be exceptional progress in my mind.
The world will not end but it has to heal itself.

Depression- its gone from therapy and who caused it to drug therapy and now we are on the verge of using deep brain stimulation to somehow reset electrical pathways of chronic depressive people who currently have no hope of recovering. This makes me think that we somehow do not understand why we have really goten so far into a sick overindulgent world, and some things we have not yet dreamed about may be the therapy that pulls us perfectly towards peace.


Angela said...

What a lovely post. I love the way it ends with you stepping outside to see a star. That is so Yukon. I really miss that in the city. In fact, I can go outside sometimes and see the moon, if not the stars, and because I am in the city I don't think of it.


jozien said...

Thank you anonymous, :) who are you?
do i know you?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jozien

You do not know me. I live in the southern Yukon and am the mean of many extremes. I think a more appropriate question may be what kind of person am I.

At this time in my life I am like a navigator who is deciding where to go prior to setting a course and then using celestial navigation to safely get there.

Do you know the names of some of the stars names in the
constellation Orion? I have always wanted someone to ask if I know their names- Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Saiph and Rigel.


jozien said...

the armpit of the giant? i used to know his name and place in the sky quite well, i promise to give them more attention again. So you do know their names, yes, please tell me, look at the sky with me.
thanks htdt