Friday, December 30, 2011

in consonance

'in consonance', or 'consonant' what i am trying to say; today's photo harmoniously goes with want i want to say.
so what i wanted to say or actually ask; have you read the comments underneath my post lately? They say so beautiful what i am trying to say and more. I just love it, thank you.

This morning someone also send me a beautifully video clip about someone looking for what's wrong in the world and they found so much that is right.

I think we are on the right track, things are changing.

We seem to be moving towards valuing more our spiritual side, caring for each other, communicating, joy, beauty, going inwards, etc.

Not becoming a millionaire but feeling like a millionaire. Together, now this moment.

So i climbed under the branches of the tree...... and you joined me :) thanks


Anonymous said...

Very nice post jozien.

I noticed the moon early yesterday evening so very low in our sky. A short time later it was partially hidden behind a large tree- and shortly thereafter it was free again.

It made me wonder how quickly the earth turned and I recalled something learned within the last year. If ever lost when the crescent moon is out, an arrow drawn downward from its tips points in a southerly direction.

If by chance you are lost while in the southern hemisphere, that arrow will guide you home to the north.

When travelling in the south I often see the north star so very low in the sky and say to myself- my home is way up there where I can look up to Polaris at the very special angle.

Have a special New Year


Anonymous said...


Your photograph was exquisite. So eloquent and a mean of many extremes which is a way of saying beautiful.

It made me think of the shadows of the Christmas tree branches projected across the floor and the fossil ginkos from Carmacks which may be 200 million years old.


jozien said...

Thanks hdt, wondering if i will meet you one day, an elusive star you are.
Thanks for the moon knowledge, i will look for that too tonight.
fossil ginkos?

angela Wheelock said...

Hi again Jozien,
I love your photos! I need to get my camera going too. For you, all you have to do - sometimes - is step outside your door and it's so beautiful.

Today, we went for a walk in Pacific Spirit Park and it was beautiful too, but compared to the Yukon, it really doesn't seem wild at all. Sigh.