Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Alexander is home for Christmas!!
Well he came home, he is already off to mnt. Sima to snowboard.

Often when i think, that i have to live less in the money world, i think that i am going to suffer. I hope the opposite is true. Actually i believe the opposite is true. I think we will have more time for Joy. I just did a load of laundry, using the water we showered in, that is always a bit of extra bit of work, but now we have to haul less water, for us having to haul less water, the savings seems obvious. In our society we often don't see the savings, and i keep wanting to draw your attention to the hours work put in by our society to make us being able to just open the tap.

But i wanted to talk about the irony of snowboarding. Snowboarding is an expensive sport, and only because there are some very generous rich people in town, we do have a new skilift on the hill. Thanks thanks thanks!

I sometimes think if i was rich , i could really make a difference.
As these people were able to give money for the lift and for many people to have fun and live a healthy lifestyle. And bless your heart if you are putting on your cross country skies this morning and don't even need a lift.

But i am rich money wise! (compared to most people in the world, not compared to Canadian standards, i wrote about it a few weeks ago.)
And i feel that i did make a difference, together with many of us. we have now an abundance of local produce in the regular supermarket, and more and more things that we can buy organic. That is only possible because many people will spend the little extra, for products they believe in. Obviously we can grow food here in the Yukon and Canada is able to grow an incredible amount of food without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizer. There are so many things we can do to make a difference.

I forgot what i was going to say next...
tomorrow :)


jozien said...

This is a response i got from Kristian which i got by email, he said i could post it:
Well to simply from first principles; an ideal society according to my own values would be based on the abrogation of force and the cultural acceptance it has. Currently the vast majority of human affairs are governed by violence, whether from outright physical aggression or the threat of it to undertake theft (taxation e.t.c.).

The institution of the state is a driver of violence, since the very existence of it is dependant upon violence and threats thereof. The activities of the state also destroy communities and mutual reciprocation on a local level. Vertical welfare has replaced mutual horizontal support and the solidity of families and extended social communities.

Also, the cult of bigness has overtaken our culture. The assumption that bigger is always better has led to more polution, more government, more authoritarianism and more stress and unhappiness. This has to be opposed and people ought to associate in smaller circles. So many people are 'friends' in social networks with people across the world, yet many of their associations even in their own households are so poor. People are hyper-social in an electronic sense, yet real, physical associations and communities have degraded because of this.

jozien said...

Thanks kristian

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

We definitely don't need money to make a difference in the world. Some days it is that instant where someone holds open a door for me and the boys that makes a difference. Or a wave from someone as they slow down in their vehicle while we walk on the road. Or a simple smile. I think basic kindness will change the world. Not money.

christopher said...

The world's salvation will come through spirit, not through money.

The world's dissolution will be sourced in the failure of spirit, and not because society is sourced in violence.

Actually, society is sourced in yearning, greed and violence but has become really sophisticated in the attempt to control these ills. The control features go a long way but fail or else we would not be having these discussions. Buddhists say that society and the ills beneath are sourced in illusion and ignorance. That is arguably true.

jozien said...

Yes Kara, thank you so much and Christopher too, you are both so right.