Saturday, December 17, 2011


I do sometimes feel stuck in life, so what is freedom?
Freedom for me maybe; when i realize that this is where, who, etc. i really want to be, this moment.

When skating i felt it.
Just before i was struggling to get my skates on, while Don was long gone walking on the the ice, wondering why the struggle?

When you feel your struggling to make money, but you feel that it pays off.
I am not going to suggest any longer that we as a society could change. Maybe all is perfect ( and i mean that)
And after al i am fully aware that i can live this life of a lush, because for example i wear clothes that somebody bought for me (my clothes are mostly hand me downs) and i realize that i benefit from an infrastructure that is made possible through people that find that important. etc.

Happy to feel the freedom of skating on 70km long skating rink :) how spoiled am i?

I like to become more aware of what it really means that i wanted to skate today. How much struggle am i willing to put in for that (and i don't mean frozen fingers and laces)

I know that now a days we put as a society an incredible amount of working hours in, wasting an incredible amount of our resources, for what? to feel free?

Here in these posts i also want to show you that the scale has tipped in my view, what if we slow down building/maintaining bigger roads, bigger offices, creating more laws, whatever? (i know i am not informed or educated enough to get my point across, but sorry i can't wait for that)
Nowadays as a society we work more hours then ever to give us that feeling of freedom.

hmmm what do you think?

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I like the idea of a slower pace as well.

When we watch tv with commercials I am always wondering why things have to improve so fast. A few years ago a shaving blade with 2 blades was just fine. Now I think you have to have six! Slow down the improvements!! :)

Love the ice!!