Friday, December 23, 2011

Back to the light

I think we are always going towards the light.
It seems we are programmed towards that.
I like to say, we all just want to be happy. There is no doubt in my mind about that. That even when people seem to go about that in harmful ways.

And i try to drop my fear that i somehow am withheld from that birthright, or that i somehow have to suffer to reach that light. Or to think that i am spoiled somehow because i do live so beautifully, and am so well loved.

For all i know, you might think i suffer, because we have so little sunlight in winter in the Yukon, even if i tell you we don't, we have a lot!

It's all a mystery to me....

What makes you happy? Are you generally happy, or do you have happy moments?

What is it that makes you feel happy?

When i just now, step outside and look at the upcoming sun, breaking through golden clouds on the horizon, the blue sky above, promising to be a deeper blue today.
Yes that does make me feel good.


Anonymous said...

I need the physical warmth of another person to make me happy.

Nature certainly helps bolster my spirits but its usually too lonely to experience things alone.

And not all physical warmth and intimate contact is fullfilling enough.

Its best for me when the other person and I are like children experiencing the world, and its simple and eloquent to be with each other- and somehow we are prefectly satisfied just being together.

Brian said...

Happy is, seeing my son's smile ,coming home to my family after work. An hour in the shed making a spoon,seeing the sun come up ,watching rain batter off the window's. Stepping into the first snow , silently watching birds or animals .I guess I'm happy most of the time. Anyway I think you're a happy wild lady, your bright paintings always show love and pleasure. So Keeper of the wild places I hope that you and your family have a great christmas :)

Akannie said...

Jozien...merry christmas!

Silly small things make me watching the cat asleep on the desk or the pups frolicking and the smell of dinner...


Angela said...

Yes, we all turn towards the light. We have to let ourselves do that I think. The trouble is sometimes that there can seem so many ways to turn and we can't always see "the light." And, I think that women have more trouble accepting that we deserve good things. But, on the other hand, they seem more able to enjoy them when they come.

I don't know if this makes sense.