Friday, June 16, 2017

spot land applications

In the last few days something kind of became clearer for me.

Not in a good way.

In Whitehorse there is an idea that spot land application are BAD
with spot land application i mean, what it means to me:

residency in the the middle of nature...well it is already by law established you can't be right in the middle, you have to be close to an existing road.

The story goes, all these people wanting to live outside of the city limits, create a very large footprint on the environment. the story goes that they demand government services. Hence which would create a very large footprint.

As does our new water well here in the community, which i was dead set against.

I can only speak for myself, but i am sure there are more who think the same

I came to live rurally, to be without many amenities.

Like one thing of the problem is that the government feels it should provide all these amenities.

Like there is a statement "to give everybody clean water/ internet access" etc etc

I think they/we confuse two things.

There are people who are born and raised in poor conditions and are suffering because of that and yes, i do think my government has a responsibility to provide accessibility to education, water etc.

But hence, it seems to me, that now under that rule of looking after, they impose upon me that i be looked after.

I am not asking, i am not even wanting all these services.

I CHOOSE to live they way i do.


MFH said...

Ah, the difference between a society and individualism or, perhaps, a clan. The benefit of society is, supposedly, a better quality of life for all. Recent studies have shown that although many first-world countries including Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Japan, USA, enjoy HIGH standards and/or qualities of life, many people are unhappy.

Although nearly everyone agrees certain benefits are good, such as health care and education, there are not enough people willing (or able) to offer them for free. Thus, the need for taxes, someone to collect them, distribute them and the next thing you know you have a bureaucracy....dictating where to pee. Humans!!! Next time I'm coming back as a cat!!!

Jozien Keijzer said...

Yes! me too, "meow"
Thank you Michael,
I have been pondering the whole idea the last few days, and you are right Michael.
Did i mention, they are pre-planning zoning in our area at the moment, so now is the moment to speak...but i don't know what to say (write on the form they provided) yet.
So many angles, to me same what you say is true about money...which always is interfering with whatever is decided.
Today i will be wandering up the mountain, 'to see what i can see....and all that i can the other side of the mountain' etc