Wednesday, June 28, 2017


reposted from my facebook page:
Yes, maybe still looking pretty good, and staying fit.. but for a year now, i have been waking up ( and getting out of the car) rather stiff, stiff legs. I know i am getting older too, but i wonder if anybody has any suggestions. When you are my age or older and are still totally agile, i would love to know what you think could be your secret. Thanks!
laying back in the reindeermos
ancient sand dunes covered in lichen


Shaddaiah said...

Wanna know? drop me an e-mail. I might not be able to answer right away as I am off to Banff to babysit my little grandson - Love Isabelle

MFH said...

Exercise, exercise and MORE exercise...with rest in between. The woman I know who is 67, plays pickleball three times a week, does yoga and pilates, paddleboards in the ocean every few days and rests thoroughly in between. Vince Distasio (the artist who died a few months ago) was 78 and in superb health. He'd had both knees replaced, rode his bike everywhere, spent two hours at the gym every other day, played basketball and ran around the park near his house in between. He was SO pissed when the leukemia took him out. I'm steadily losing the weight, but get stiff if I drive (sit) for more than an hour. Unfortunately, it gets us all eventually. Some, as I'm sure you've noticed, do better than others but some of it seems to be genetic.

Jozien Keijzer said...

Thanks Michael, Yes see i might have to focus on a more varied exercise habit. Focusing that all the muscles get a turn. I like the idea of resting in between, good.
Good for you your are loosing weight and probably staying fit in the process.

MFH said...

If you want to try a drug, Vince, before he had his knees replaced, had joint pain that was helped with glucosamine & chondroitin. They're often combined and although I've never used either it helped Sophie, my cat. She had a sore hip that caused her to limp. After just a couple of days there was obvious improvement. We gave it to here for the last five years of her life and didn't notice any side effects.