Sunday, June 11, 2017

bears have long tongues

I did not know that.
 And this bear might like oranges, it plonked into the water behind me as i was peeling my orange. It definitely was coming to us ( Don and I) . We were having our lunch on an island in the river, and had been eating ham sandwiches  half an hour earlier.
Quickly we jumped in the canoe and paddled/motored away. The bear did stop it's approach after we kind of yelled at it "whoa bear" kind of thing. Leisurely it climbed back on shore and traveled the same direction as us.

But talking about food, so yes no more plastic packaging or any packaging for that matter.
Since last post, i did not buy anything in a package yet. Oranges can be bought without being in a bag, i can bring my own to the store. Bread, same. Ham, maybe when i buy it from the butcher in Porter Creek.  I am not particularly interested in ham , i can live without it. And i actually do not eat much bread

I have to say, in my household my husband does most of the shopping, so it is going to ask for some self discipline to only eat  foods that come whole without being packaged. I am weaning myself off slowly.

Dinner tonight; chili made with beans,  and wild herbs and rhubarb from the garden,

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