Tuesday, June 6, 2017


And  a snow goose told me;

When you care about me,

- stop buying  plastic-

plastic or things that come in plastic, or if there is no way around , leave the plastic packaging in the store.
and NOT replace it with something else, something equally (or just differently) wasteful.

and obviously, it is just me asking you, using the goose.

When you care about the environment let's just  -en masse- stop the plastic craze.

I  am here now trying to think how that will look for me....
 firstly i have a lot of friggin plastic laying around the house to reuse
I will get back to you when i come to a point were i have to make a choice, to either stop doing altogether what i normally do (an action which includes plastic), because for me the problem is not that simple as using paper bags, we have been there and done that. We all now have our reusable grocery bags with us.

Thank you

and...something else... it being 6-6-2017 Alexander turned 26 today! Happy Birthday beautiful son.


Florida Water said...

I've been trying to listen and commune more with the ducks in our backyard pond. It's sort of a duck hang out because I broadcast seed.

Jozien Keijzer said...

I love it:)