Friday, May 5, 2017


It rained once last month, when i look for the data of Whitehorse, it say 7 mm precipitation for April  2017. That sounds about right for here in Mendenhall.
My heart goes out to the people who have too much water now.

It did snow here this morning, it melted and made the surface slightly mosit
and i did find a flowering kinnikenick in that weather, i snacked on them.
and for lunch amazingly i found some coltsfoot flowers, they taste very good, i blanched them.

and yesterday i am happy to say, i finally found a blooming townsendia ( i don't eat those). I have been looking for it to bloom for a month, but with the weather maybe dry and sunny, the average temperature for April 2017  +3 C

I am also still winning birch sap.

When foraging i always do take care to take little of what there actually is.
and something else i don't eat but is blooming;
a cotton grass and juniper and a moss

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