Monday, May 29, 2017

I found a river crossing,

but it got over my thighs deep, and i had to turn around a third of the way across. And the water was so pleasant surprisingly not too cold. It had traveled do you measure a river that meanders, as the crow flies it came from a lake 70 km away , Dezadeash Lake.
Instead I walked the banks and found indeed, some elf he told me, that the Platanthera obtusata, an orchid, is almost blooming
 Cross my fingers let her live.
I do spend a lot of time, positively identifying flowers, call it an obsession. getting to know their names.
What it is all about for me, is that every flower is an unique being. Some flowers/plants thrive anywhere, but some not, they need moisture soil, light temperature and who know what else, to be just right.
Like this  bog orchid, it just needs everything to be just so, otherwise it won't grow.

And walking for hours along that river, i was fortunate to find just that place where she thrives.

What i am trying to say

lets me/us be conscious of my/our actions.
When i sit here behind the computer, this computer is made somewhere, places.  from something,that was taken from places. It had to travel here over places.
places places 
one of those places might just that particular place where that one particular flower could grow.

Doesn't  every flower have the right to bloom?

And just what if my existence depends on it?

Let's always be aware which river we want to cross.

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MFH said...

Ah, a *fine* train of thought!! Thank you!!