Saturday, May 20, 2017

cross foxes

How awesome to watch some cross foxes
 here it was doing a leap in the air
while watching them for probably a half an hour, the bigger one was hunting all the time and made several leaps in the air. 

 they were aware of us watching, but we kept our distance, and maybe as luck had it, some talking bicyclists passed above them the same time we arrived, as we stood motionless . the foxes visibly aware of both us and bicyclists, but no way to flee, we blocked one way and the bicyclist the other. The bicyclist had not seen the foxes and kept biking, they being gone and we standing still, the foxes resumed their activities.

They did leave when we moved. We know there are fox-sized animal made caves in the bank below, and i once flushed a fox while hiking on the hillside above. One went in the direction of the hillside, the other, i think, just stayed.

 Later close to home we saw the elk...A few days okay i was telling someone about my saskatoon i often get a good harvest, as long as the elk don't trim the bushes...we'll see. I don't mind.

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MFH said...

Amazing!! It must be wonderful to live in a place where you can see such sights!!!