Saturday, May 20, 2017


She/he, what always gets my attention, moves so much like a human.

This is the fourth bear now that i know off ( and at least two different ones) this spring that visits my yard, and this one is NOT walking past, but obviously crossing right through it. Yesterday i did discover she did find my buried compost. So burying compost doesn't work obviously.
I am already eating more peels then ever, have little compost, and i am not willing to give up composting. I am a real advocate of looking after my own garbage, instead of giving it to the government to look after it.

I read Charlie Russel's work again this morning, after the encounter. He tells us to build trust, but also not to feed them garbage. hmmm

I do like the trust thing, this bear appeared very friendly

Although (looking at the path she took i assume she was here yesterday) In the photo the brownish new green is a willow tree, it had a ripped off branch,(two inches diameter) and bear paw prints underneath.

Why the willow? bees? who are non-stop buzzing around it's female flowers that are blooming. the new green? the flowers?

As you see in this picture, my yard could be more open, less  stuff.  ( openness is one of the things i believe in to keep wild animals from liking my yard too much.

 Don ( my husband) is not too worried, he believes they will move on when Nature finally will explode into good  food to eat. And yes vegetation seems a little sparse for the time of year, possibly due to drought and cold nights.

But what do i do in the meantime? I DO NOT want to habituate bears in eating garbage. For my sake, theirs and my  human neighbours.

For today i keep the compost inside.
These bears here didn't  seem to have touched my dry heaps of compost...
I always do wet composting, maybe i change to drying it, draining it from all water, having it dried up a bit before i bring it outside.
and eating eating eating whatever i can myself instead of creating waste.... peels are mostly quite healthy!

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