Monday, September 29, 2014

The path

We follow a path
it is a long path, the surroundings are beautifully bleak.
At some point we thought the path led us a different way then that we wanted to go, so we left the path and we will not know unless we go back one day and keep following the path, where the path would have taken us.

I wonder am i always on a path?  A path to become healthier or wealthier or more aware or....

It was such a change leaving the path; it was so beautiful, i was  more One with my surroundings, the earth under my feet soft, not hardened by the path, the colors of the earth i walked on more visible, lots of hues of colors in the bleak and dreary. most beautiful..
Sometimes the travelling harder, but mostly more joyful, there was a little meandering creek to step over, total glory.

Coming to the ridge, the wind blows wildly, we can lean in the wind, the glory of it, our bodies cold when we stop, no time to rest, Taking it all in at such moment is hard, hairs blowing in our face, just within reach peaks calling our name.
 We quickly eat lunch behind a rock face , from here we turn back, this is good enough.
soon we find a calmer route, and the beauty of  it.

Easily we find the path again to return home.

The long long path.

What i felt strongly here today, relating to my recent spiritual journey;

-Get off the path when you can-

But i was totally wrong, i do not think the others really cared or even noticed, but i was totally off in my directions and distance and sense of time. At one point the sun was in the wrong location, i did not even notice. Just aware of the sun peeking through, always with me no matter if i am right or wrong.



christopher said...

You could be on the path of no path. Or it could be that God is making room for you by becoming so feather light that you no longer feel the guidance but that does not mean you are not following it. I love you Jozien.

christopher said...

By the way, the poem I wrote entitled "For Jozien" is still hanging in there in the top ten all time posts, holding position 8 with 2395 hits. My readers keep care of you. I posted that poem in May of 2011.

Jozien Keijzer said...

Thank you Christopher.
and to have you always caring for me.

Anonymous said...

I understand your path concept. And believe if some people cross paths at the right time their lives will be transformed. It’s often a matter of chance, important parts of their lives playing out based upon random probabilities. And speaking of paths, mine is so snowbound. But marina blue coloured flowers reappeared today. Healthy and ready to face a few more early winter days before perishing.Healthy and ready to face a few more early winter days before perishing. Many people are somehow like that as well. Covered over by life’s harshness but somehow ready to reappear as bright stars.