Saturday, September 6, 2014


My dear Loesje
She is 18 and a half.
Tuesday i think it was, she deteriorated rapidly, changing every hour.

I just want to keep a record here, for me and to share.
Her full story i will write later, her biography.

It is just that yesterday, she meowed and i understood.
Thursday i was away in the morning, but Don said he had helped her to drink.
In the afternoon and evening and night she still acknowledged me, seemed happy, almost purring when i first came home and stroked her. But other then looking at me,  she didn't move at all any more.

Yesterday i spend all day with her, yes she seemed to ask me for something and several times i have held her so she could drink. And then she gave this sharp meow, she didn't want to drink, so i carried her to her litter box, and she peed right away.

I wonder, no as long as she can ask me stuff and i by some good fortune can understand her needs, no i won't take her to the vet yet. But i do wonder, and i wonder is recovery possible? or how long can this take?

And again this morning she is still with us, when i woke up she told me she needed to go pee, and she did, again in her litterbox.

Very sad, not so beautiful anymore, now it takes so long.


MFH said...

There is something comforting in having a loved one nearby.

I'm reminded of Chris' experience when she was studying for her nursing degree and came home upset from her rotation in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). She had seen that ICU is where people often die...and many who came there knew their time was up.

But, she said, what's sad is seeing how many suffer from regrets at not having told someone they love them. And now, they realize, it's too late.

You and Loesje are lucky to have this time together. Please tell her once more for me too. xx

Anonymous said...

I wish I was there with you and Loesje.

We could carry her outside and let her feel the warmth of an early afternoon sun and surround her with late blomming wildflowers.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Never easy when it comes to this point. I am sure your presence is very comforting for your kitty.

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