Sunday, September 7, 2014


She died,
We buried her this morning
We miss her.
She was the best.

I do want to share here, 
as i did not have much experience with dying pets.  maybe this is helpful for someone else.

Loesje  was 18 and a half, she had been growing old the last two years, 
It took her 5 days to die, i don't know if that is long or short. We were blessed that she stayed with us during those days. She was the kind of cat that easily could have retreated to be by herself for this.
As you read in the other post, she lost the ability to look after herself, on tuesday.
Not always was i in tune with what she needed, and i hate to say, but saturday evening i almost let her choke on her water. That was very hard for her and me, The agony  lasted less then 5 minutes, but it seemed very long. Luckily Don was home too, and before we made any rash decisions, she was calm again.
As the coughing smelled bad, i did move her to her basket by the woodstove, a favorite place of her.
At 11.30 pm she was still breathing peacefully, and now laying in a position that i had seen early this summer when i found a dead lynx.  Don said  he did hear something at some point during the early morning hours.
But when i got up at 8 or so, Loesje was still laying there so beautiful and peacefully really the same as in the eveing. I knew she was now gone, even if i couldn't tell if she was still breathing, Everybody laughed at me of course, saying that i wished i had Alexander's stethoscope. 

I am glad i did not take her to the vet, but it was hard at times, and i can totally understand if some people do.

Gosh Loes, all three of us, we loved you so much, always

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Brian said...

Sorry that you lost your woodstove companion..;(