Monday, October 7, 2013

witch of the woods

now you see her
now you don't
but know 
she's always 
up to no good


Brian said...

Wow I could make that witch into some cool furniture if she fell in the woods. Hope you are doing ok :)

jozien said...

yes. Brian thanks, i am doing well, just not on blog so much.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see nature through your eyes!

And my plant identification skills are in need of refinement.

Your witch of the woods tree may haunt me tonight. So strange, because I have a reverence for trees- the larger and older have more impact on me.

Dreams and that fine line beteen consciousness and unconsciouness. Witch of the woods- what bird will you shelter tonight from that early snow?

Anonymous said...

wow snowflakes long as the witch has crashed her broomstick into the tree she is no threat.
the swallows only left last week to coincide with the equinox new moon, and yet winter starts with you so soon.

take care be safe and warm, special keeper of the wild north