Saturday, September 14, 2013

shorebirds / co-existence

keeping of wild places

where do our street people go?
when we fix up the clay cliffs
and the riverside

those people are my kin
they are my wild places too
living along a river

and not!
those peel river stickers
oil on oil on oil
stickers on cars that are driving



strider said...

Random Jo,
where are you going?

Anonymous said...

There were mountains everywhere
And rivers ran through it
I once saw a wolverine out there
It was glorius but sadly it was quickly ruined

My Peel stickers were on a tree
But with sun and weather
They have fallen like fall leaves
Not meant for a season but forever

But all is not forgotten
Lets fly into the Peel
Demonstrate and be keepers of wild places

jozien said...

yes anonymous.. i know

random? yes strider, it is who i am, i am not going anywhere.

strider said...

What is the peel river issue, i cant find stickers?

take care be safe special one

Anonymous said...

I read your posts
And feel warmth
For nature and human passion

We live so very far apart
But I do enjoy a glimpse
Of your daily life