Wednesday, October 9, 2013

the world underneath

my face on the cold linoleum
a white rabbit hops around me
cheerfully, more coming in
through the crack of the door
from the light into the dim lit room
dark blotches on the white
like blood splatters
that was before you ran cold water over my wrists
even before raindrops came out of your mouth
like words of poetry


Anonymous said...

Are you looking for someone to save or complete you?

Perhaps I am off, but I read that in what you have written.

jozien said...

mmm i am already saved, i wrote this poem for my savior :) he liked it a lot and said i should publish it. which i di here :)
It is what ever you see in it for you. It has no real meaning, as in i am trying to write something, nevertheless it will reveal some of my subconscious. These where just separate images i experienced, strung together

jozien said...

if you are mr. anonymous that i know, these images came to me while half asleep on the hospital floor, staying overnight with our dear friend

Anonymous said...

I am mr. anonymous who you do not know, athough I have a sense you may have dream images about knowing me.

Not erotic dreams- was thinking of stimulating dreams, that when awaken, you will yourslef to back to sleep and to that special dream

hold fast to those dreams
for when your dreams die
your life may feel like you will never fly

pretty cheesy I know