Saturday, June 1, 2013


Pulsatilla - 'from the beating of the flower by the wind'
an anemone , windflower.
yet we all know it is our crocus.
Pulsatilla patens, patens probably referring to openness

Like the dandelion this flower is unmistakable, even the seedhead not shown here, once you know it there is no doubt.

As i am trying to identify another anemone i have encountered twice this week,  mnt Sima and Squash Berry mnt. Were they both anemone parviflora, why not drummondii?

Pema Chodron teaches me to be in doubt, but it is a crazy place in on a  daily base, it does give me peace to be there in meditation. But another subject that drives me loony is of a totally different kind.

People in general are so clear they want to end slavery, but isn't it clear that they are the slave drivers.
they consume the goods made by those slaves.
I think their motto this morning was, 'give us money so we can end slavery in 2016'
but isn't it that money that we attained over the backs of those slave?

This is my plan for today, to point at one item which i use in my life, which i can acquire next time around, that all people involved, down to the laborers getting the minerals out of the earth, get equal wages to as i get. No flipping fair wages What is fair about people working for me for 9 dollars an hour, when i do not do any job for less then 20.

I know i will not succeed, i don't know the answer

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