Tuesday, May 28, 2013

i need a butterfly blog

A friend is willing to make a website for me, for 600 dollars, i don't know, a website would make all i collect more organized. But then there is monthly cost. i do not like monthly bills. Blogging is free, as i do have a monthly payment for Internet.
Anyway here another butterfly of the yukon woods
a Silvery Blue

And all insects, flowers, birds, everybody is very happy, as summer came a week early after that long winter spring.


Brian said...

Do just that wild lady and save your pennies :)

christopher said...

Sometimes you have to grab for the brass ring but I don't think a web site is really the brass ring. I also think you can find help and make your own for considerably less than that. A person charging that much for a website is thinking of designing it for you. There are, I think, do it yourself websites out there a lot like blogging. You would need to know a bunch of what you need to know at the start to continue with it too, I think. I am not sure you get a lot for your money. But I am no expert so I may be wrong...

I am not wrong to be loving you, my friend.

strider said...

keep blogging special one
the butterfly season is so short it does not need a dedicated website at your expense

Anonymous said...

I say blog and save money.

Share without costs, love without limits.