Saturday, June 29, 2013

on the edge

I have choices, i realize this moment.
My life often so simple, seems too complicated.
No therapist nor therapy has yet freed from
the reoccurring feeling, that life is too difficult for me.
Oh yes what epiphany too realize here now 
that it is so difficult because i have choices
that's very bittersweet
that's irony

I know that maybe many people, do live on the edge.
I feel now that it is so easy to let oneself slip,
to think it is all going to be okay,
somehow, miraculously.
Wistful think is what that's called.

In one therapy i learned; realistic thinking.
Well the reality is, i am going down the hole.....

Please bear with me

1 comment:

strider said...

Hey Jo you are a free spirit
live on the edge
don't follow the sheep trail
be for the moment
take care special one