Tuesday, February 19, 2013

freedom; for a fish to swim above the ice
for a bird to join the swans
on their journey north
what is charity anyway, when you do not live among
the ones you give to
I am as stuck as them
maybe more
sitting in my castle
the moat so big i cannot swim across
the walls too high 
because i wasn't born an eagle
do you think
i am better of
i long for rivers  full of pain
seeping into every crevice of my heart
it's not freedom, love or harmony
it's to feel a glimpse of freedom, while contained
to be fortunate enough to have known love in a world of hate
it's the harmony of the music i call life


christopher said...




Anonymous said...

easy girl

You have spent too long in a shadow Venture out, enjoy the warmth
Companionship, friendship
You never know when a few words
Turn into an intimate essay


strider said...
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strider said...

i think i see clearer now
deeper on a second and third read than first time around
take care lovely one
hugs from afar


Anonymous said...

Marry me in spirit
And what may happen afterwards?
Harmony in music
Finding completeness in waking hours
And goodness in everything
Clarity in a world of hate
We can write together
And call it life