Sunday, May 27, 2012

sweet sweet sweet

Yesterday, i climbed all the way up my small mountain here, to enjoy the tiny wildflowers that are starting to bloom in the heat of the rock. I even found a tiny lovely new pine tree. (among flowers i had already met this spring there was now also the saxifraga  reflexa (check my yukon wildflower blog)
But! i wasn't prepared for the glory that met me in the valley below, on my way down i made a quick visit to the little creek, and there was this 30 cm high big chrysanteum like flower. I assumed it was a coltsfoot, but different then the common one. 
 And.. i forgot to smell, so this morning i ran to the creek, got all wet to kneel down  and...
it smells soooo sweet.  what a treasure.
Today  i will go to a big patch i know of the more common one, and when there are lots i will pick a few of its flower stems, because slightly cooked they are delicious.


christopher said...

what a lovely woman you are!

christopher said...
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Angela said...

Hi Jozien,
Gee, I envy you. I miss the Yukon wildflowers and butterflies. By the way, Pat's up there now. I'll remind him to phone you.

Thanks for your short, but sweet, posts.