Saturday, May 19, 2012

Great Blue Heron

at Mendenhall landing

 This is the first time i have seen this bird in the Yukon! I think it does stop by occasionally, but usually sticks closer to the coast.


hdt said...

A very rare bird in the Yukon.

Why is it here? Its odd because it could get by so much easier further south or on the coast?

Are you as rare as it is Jozien? A rare find who somehow found the north or got lost here. I actually often think about that when I awaken so very early in the morning as our days get longer.

By the way- what is that heron eating?

Please post more photos with brillinat colours!

christopher said...

Maybe this is a hint of global warming...

Zee said...

Hi dear J.
I have been stunningly lazy or sometimes disinterested to visit other blogs (even my own) - sorry for that, it is nothing personal, it is just my state of mind.
"Keeper of wild places" - the more I ponder about it, the more I like it, in particular the "keeper" part.
It reminds me of an old Rolling Stones song "you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you get what you need".
I am fairly disappointed with humanity these days - and I can not radiate light to see the exit of the tunnel, all what is happening makes little sense. I am living in Switzerland now, central spot in Europe, and all they talk about is economic growth, pathetic!
I do not know where all this ends, but I surely do not like the trend.
"Keeper" is a good profession, I hope you can keep it up. It is important that people like you are around.
I am weak right now, but my strength is coming - back have patience.
The photograph was lovely by the way - Thanks!

jozien said...

Thanks Zee, yes i still believe in me :) and you encourage me, because for me too blogging is not on my priority list at the moment. But i always am 'keeper'. By paying attention to what is out there. sharing it and in that way keeping it to excist, maybe you or someone can help me come up with the right wording.