Saturday, May 19, 2012

right about now

right about now, the sun is coming up over Coudert mountain, shining on the exposed sandy beaches along the west side of Kusawa lake pristine, layed out as a zen garden, sand in between black and white rock My dream, to live like that to be layed out perfectly to trust the Universe that all is provided. Maybe us people are scared of time? Do you know the overpowering strength of time, if it was all we had? If everything we needed was provided. That we lay there warmed by the sun, loving eachother, that our bellies were full, because what we needed to nourish eachother was just there to pick up. This morning i watch the ducks in the little lake (Kusawa is too far to run to on my morning run) How calm they are, how totally content did they swam in my direction, there clors shining bright, diving leisurely for their food. I dream of a life like that. People talk of a shift coming. I invision that that is what is in front us, within our grasp. If we could only handle time. If we could resist the urge to run around to aquire what is already ours. work work eat sleep. Why not stop? and be. I'll try today and let you know. will you follow me? or are you already there? Am i the one behind, do you already know how to live perfectly content in harmony with time? Could i handle having all the time of the world?

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aria said...

and ... how did you feel at the end of the day....?
I wonder about the same... Today - almost midnight and up since 5.30 with fading energy, finally. This morning I thought, why not having latte macchiato at a nice sunny terrace and just be... Because I had to do this and this and this... But the good things, this being busy also gives me ENERGY!!
And yesterday evening I decided - after also a day of a major number of activities - to have the greatest icecream in town. At a terrace. And just this relaxing moment (10 minutes) felt SO good! So it's that I can enjoy the peaceful moment even MORE when being busy... So...