Monday, May 21, 2012

spring has sprung

 no end to the glory of crocuses this year
i swear hdt has something to do with it
him glorifying them
And the leaves are out, and suddenly more, different kind, of flowers are blooming. I will make a link here to my wildflower blog, because that's were i'll post the new comers.


hdt said...

Yes, the glory of spring crocuses in the Yukon. Thanks Jozien.

I transplanted some very fresh ones yesterday in another attempt at xeriscaping (natural gardening requiring no watering!).

I hope the effort is not misguided. Will soon be looking for some bluebells, arnica and monkshood.

Angela said...

Hi Jozien,
Yes, the glory of the crocuses! Whole hillsides used to be purple on the hills across the river in Ross. Purple haze, for sure.

I miss all those glorious Yukon wildflowers and I'll definitely visit your wildflower blog.

Take care,

aria said...

yeah.... summer is there...! Beautiful pictures!

Akannie said...

What beautiful pictures...I have missed you been a little busy lately.

Happy Spring, my friend!!!

jozien said...

xeriscaping hmm? okay. i wonder if i do that? i do help my transplants, taking out and keep taking out, what usually would like to grow, and keeps wanting to grow, where i plant them.