Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yukon Energy alert

I have been phoning Yukon Energy this morning and yesterday. But both people did not know anything about a new meter installed at my place recently.
Well there has and they did drive up in a Yukon Energy truck.

I don't like my new meter. Already as a child and later my child, we liked to watch the little disk spinning, and feel pride for conserving when the disk barely moves.
Now there are numbers...
This week i asked the man who comes read the meter, a minute after he took the reading, if he remembered the numbers he wrote down, he did not. Now as i read on the Internet, this new Itron smart meter is supposed to make us more aware of the power we use. ( by watching the numbers i suppose)
Personally i found watching the spinning disk made it very clear. Now i have to watch numbers.
Also i read on the Internet, that this new meter emits radiation, Very small amounts, but to me nevertheless...
Also i read that the the meter itself is NOT more energy efficient.
Also i read that there is NO data that it actually makes people conserve energy.
Also i read that it is all a very expensive project (to replace all meters)

Ahhh on the good side, on Yukon Energies website, i did find that i can now submit my own readings (which is also possible with the old meter)
The people from Yukon Energy i talked to, didn't know about this either. Yet i am sure i will be successful in entering that program, so the meter guy doesn't have to drive out to my place, which is far out of town, he drives a big truck ( to take a reading? yes)

Yes i realize i chose to live this far out, i chose to hook up to the grid. Yet i hope i can do my best to make as little as possible of an impact on our planet.

And here are some SLOW growing lichen......

Love to hear what you think!


Anonymous said...

Try calling the Yukon Electrical Company-the folks that sell you electricity and likely installed the metre.

Nice lichen photos.

aria said...

hi there,
I don't know much about these things, haha.
But what a beautiful pictures... Love them!
warm hug!

Cicero Sings said...

Those pictures of the lichen are gorgeous.