Saturday, October 29, 2011


The dog found a home.
Thanks to wonderful neighbours.
I made several phone calls to see who was missing a dog. and posted notes. To no avail. So i phoned this one neighbour for help in this situation. And all she did was take the dog, and make the rounds. Less then an hour later she phoned, where ever the dog came from, she found him a home!
I love the community i live in. We might be small in numbers, but everything i need is always here.
And i learned from this, is in a situation, any situation, to take action in the direction of the preferred outcome. Simple as it may sound.

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Angela said...

Hi Jozien,
Lovely little post. Yes, true communities can be that way, everything we need. In a way, as different as where I live is from where you live, it is, in some ways, the same. We know so many of the neighbours that I am sure we could solve problems going door-to-door too. There is something so reassuring in that.