Wednesday, October 5, 2011

single phase Itron 120/240 volt 200 amp meter

This is the meter i have now, (i don't know if 'they' refer to this a smart meter.)
Yukon Electric is trying to answer my questions. Thank you!
The man said: they are phasing out the spinning meters, and replacing them with digital ones, he did not know why. (that is just the way it is)
i googling again, am now totally lost

Does my new meter saves energy, how much?
Or is it in any logical way better for the environment?
Does a meter has to be replaced every ten years?
This new one, does it emit radiation?


christopher said...

Jozien, your new meter is almost completely for the benefit of your electric company. In theory it will be less expensive for them to maintain, and it will track your usage more accurately.

It doesn't affect you or the environment. It moves from a mechanical analog counter to a much more accurate solid state device like your computer only much simpler.

This happened to me a few years back and is happening universally to all industrialized nations in many different ways. It has been quite a lot of my work life to move from analog systems like your old meter to the digital systems like your new meter. Obviously your old meter worked well enough but you may have been overcharged for your power for years due to its inaccuracies, or undercharged. Your electric company doesn't like either situation but for different reasons over and under.

Your new meter is less dangerous than your computer in any condition it could ever be in.

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