Monday, June 6, 2011

scary stuff

The scary stuff being that i almost had forgotten my password to get in my blog, it took me four tries, i better write it down.
The black bear, always a thrill, but seen from the car it is and looks cute.
The owl scull, hmmm my friend Jane who i was walking with on the shores of Kusawa lake, found it sad; who would do that to a beautiful owl. I do agree, but mostly find it very intriguing.

Today i am harvesting!
This for me the best time. All the spring greens, nettle, lamb'squarter, dock, fireweed shoots, plantain, rasberry shoots, knotweed, northern bedstraw shoots.
I blanch and freeze them
And when making a salad i throw in some columbine flowers, for the beauty of it all

And i hope to pick spruce tips today, dry them, for tea.


Brian said...

Hey jozien sad to see the owl, but nice to see the bear. And its good to hear from the wild one don't worry about forgetting the password I forget all the time ,So many things to see and take in theres not enough room for everything!!

christopher said...

I miss you a bit in my life, my friend.