Wednesday, June 22, 2011

list of flowers i saw today

My camera is not working

first the smell of wild roses
pink every where - prickly rose
then the bluest cobalt blue - yukon beardtongue
bright yellow - arnica
little saxifragas,(three different kinds)
pussy toes,
tiny white and purple mustards - Arabis
- Northern Jasmin
and probably more
this was on the way along the path towards
The mountain is the garden
flowers everywhere
a sea of cream - Mountain Avens
and when i look closely lilac in every shade - Phlox
blowing in the breeze the large (comparatively) cream/bluish flowers -an anemone, the wind flower
And there from far i see the dark pink from the douglasia
ehhh it is the douglasia not moss campion and it is fragrant
i have put my nose to it and it has the sweetest scent.
agggghr i stop because i lost it again, last month i spend days identifying douglasia
now i do not know......
What i saw was gorgeous a pink cushion sometimes a foot in diameter and it's fragrant
I am lost.....

Okay lets just continue
i saw fragrant fern (yes it smells too, very strong very sweet, lovely)
- for-get-me-nots
- blackish (purple) oxytrope (tiny tiny)
low laying but very dark purple -lupines
small with big flowers -bluebells
and then the deep pink amazingly big and standing up straight - woolly lousewort
and then there was bright yellow big flowered tiny plants - cinquefoils

more will come to me
it was wonderful, it was at Stony Creek

I believe this mountain has flowers that according to the literature do not grow here.


the little bells of various berries -vacciniums, blueberries and cranberries
- labrador tea
and oh my how can i forget the Lapland Rosebay! A wonderful looking out of place, yukon rhododendron bush (small nevertheless, maybe a foot high and not quite a foot high)

And i saw a fireweed blooming! (my first this season)

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Akannie said...

Oh MY!

What a plethora of abundance you have there! I could almost smell them myself...I do have wild roses all around my property, but they bloom effusively and then are gone.

Happy Friday, my friend!!!