Sunday, June 26, 2011

new camera

now after several beautiful trips, with the camera not working i bought a PowerShot Sx130 IS. I think it will do, i am quite pleased with two following photos

First i couldn't find the self timer, and was very upset about that, then i didn't like the macro setting.
But i think it will all be fine :)
So easily upset
hmmm but then there is my son, who is coming home but now stuck in Grand Prairie where his car broke down. That too will be solved somehow. That creates a deeper kind of concern in me, but nothing much i can do now, so i send him good vibes.

And then that my skype is not working, really, that doesn't bother me at all any more
yet i do have to deal with that some time too, because i like skyping with my family and friends.
And being in this space of what needs to be done, i don't like that
ahhhh there is always too much, somehow.

i will sit happily with my books, identifying the flowers i encountered yesterday on Kusawa ridge,
all from memory, no photos, not even notes

it was a most beautiful hike btw

have a lovely sunday!


Brian said...

Hey wild one your new camera takes good pictures. I'm sure you will get to grips with it .When things are going wrong ,we forget about whats going right in our lives :)

aria said...

great pictures with your new camera... and now Skype...
warm hug!

Akannie said...

Beautiful pictures!!