Saturday, May 28, 2011

tantalizingly close to the sea

glorious days
sunshine all over
in the wind salty spray
but the sea ain't the sea
and big drops falling
from the one cloud in the sky
they somehow don't touch me
i live fully
see bears in the forest
sea lions slip in the water
for breakfast we catch
two dungeoness crabs
even the rocks tell me stories of glory
yet it's more like a dream
not being able to live this most beautiful way


christopher said...

Yaquina Bay

I lived on the bay,
above its north front, my home
a soft box that breathed
in the gales sweeping
in from the ocean, bowing
the south wall, curtains
falling away, showing
the plumb line, the house top bent
in the storm's ancient


the blooming secret of joy
she grew in my heart.

christopher said...

loving you, dear

jozien said...

thanks Christopher xxx
your poem is most beautiful, lifting my spirits, mayby my dream is real after all. When Joy is felt, what is not real about that? (i ask myself :)

aria said...

what a great life you have ;-)!!!