Saturday, May 7, 2011

some giants gone

and i cry
why sometimes what is in our hearts
is miles apart
yes in my heart
i might think it's me and my husband that
are total oppositehere now
he said those trees they need to go
having explained it to me endlessly
i can't see the purpose
not at all
yet i love the light that trees gone do create

i love the light
last week i was surprisingly reminded of that
i was camping out not far from here
but in the dark forest beside a stream
the forest dark and dense
having beauty in it's own
but there is no true love there for me
you know how i love the openness more then anything
i felt this spot was not the Yukon that i love
now i know it's not the Yukon that i love
it is the light the openness
i love my Yukon because
i do live on a sun exposed hill side

aching because of trees, because they live of light too
(aching because i crave a cigarette:)

Rejoicing because of light,
because my son cared for a new born child!
Now how awesome is that!
He gave needles and they complimented him on how painlessly he did it
and the other deep felt experience he had this week;
He cared (with the nurses nevertheless) for this new born child.
What a privilege.
How good can life be!!!
(Alexander is studying to become a Paramedic and doing his first practicum)


Brian said...

Good for alexander! the tree's have had their life,they gave shelter, perch and food to mammal bird and insect. now the light will take their space. And in time something else will grow around the giants place :)

christopher said...

For Jozien
(whose son, Alexander, is training to be a paramedic)

This most amazing
moment in my day, she's seen
her son hold new life
as dearly as she holds
his own in her memory,
an unbroken chain
of love after life,
life after love that comes from
the heart of her hope.


As for the trees, I would probably not cut them, certainly not cut them lightly. Near the end of my marriage, in hopes of pleasing my wife and deepening our life together, I not only agreed to her plan but I cut down myself the large treelike evergreen that had given our porch privacy but also kept the northern exposure light away from it. At one point of that process a sadness so deep came upon me that I began to sob for the shrub that was fifteen feet tall and had lived there before we moved in, at that point, twenty years earlier.

I am pagan wizard enough to believe trees and woody plants at least as alive as me.

jozien said...

Thanks both of you! About the trees,
Brian here you speak for my mind, but Christopher you speak for my heart... i will honor them...

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

And that lovely wood can heat your house too. It is all useful and beautiful in its own way.

Craving a smoke... does that mean you are trying to quit again? I sure hope so!


Cicero Sings said...

I love the trees and hate to see them cut too ... but I also, do love the light. Our back yard is treed and quite shady.

Good for Alexander ... in training!