Sunday, May 8, 2011

i fell through the ice

fear always intrigues me. I have fears alright, but the wrong kind :) a fear i am working on lately, is that i actually fear to stand on my own two feet.... to truly be independent.
Interestingly i have no fear of going places that can't support me.
I see my little lake, it's a lovely sunny day, warm. The ice is rotten, i sink in two inches in slush, but the ice hard under feet and still reaches the shoreline.
I step on, it hold me easily, why not go on? I walk so happily when suddenly!
You know it did not feel cold or scary. I just stood there thigh deep (luckily the lake is very shallow) i look around and realize if while trying to climb onto the ice it would break in front of me, it is a very long way to the shore! ahhh i crawl out quite effortlessly. Still.. seeing i am not far from the opposite shore, i think of continuing... It's not fear that has me turn back the way i came from, it's common sense.....

you think i can learn from this in life?

And what is the lesson for today?


Elisabeth said...

Avoid broken ice, Jozien, in fact maybe it's best to avoid ice altogether, except in cold drinks and refrigerators.

just jane said...

I agree with Elisabeth, spring ice is dangerous ice! There is a reason they have that saying...Don't tread on thin ice...or something like that. Now go climb a mountain or something like that and be safe...LOL

christopher said...

It is often true of my life that the disaster of breaking through the ice leads to discovering the shallow bottom to things. Unfortunately, the one time that is not true is often all it takes to make things much worse. :(