Friday, March 4, 2011

in 55 words

in limited amount of words
i will surface here today
it is a water animal i am
under water it is calm
my marriage stands
he the brave one
and i, i play
practicing for graceful jumps
jumps of joy and love
sometimes one get hurts
when we wouldn't leap
who would know
we're dolphins


G-Man said...

Hi Jozien...
Long time no see, just come out of hibernation?
Loved your 55 and the pics.
I hope you are still smoke free, I Am!
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

jozien said...

ah... i am not ahhhh sigh what can i say. i am a closet smoker though, when i am away for a few days, which is often, i do not smoke.

just jane said...

Beautiful photos, and 55. Very nice. I would like to try that, sometime.

I have never smoked (cigarettes) although I am guilty of other smoking pleasures, back in the day. I don't understand the addiction. It has never appealed to me, and now people treat smokers like criminals.

It is good to see you back here, though. Peace, Jane

christopher said...

In The Morning

Passing you at dawn,
me in the dim light, fading
in, Venus hung low.
Would you rise from snow
like the hare, darting, sudden?
Or more like the bear
grumping out of sleep,
weeks long den dozing slumber?

Wearing red snow boots
is enough for me
sometimes, is a grand signal
of my place in things.

jozien said...

Thank you Jane, yeh the smoking thing, it's a weird for me, i don't see myself as a smoker..

Christopher! thank you, that is so beautiful! I see you in those red boots...kind of startling...

John said...

The beautiful dolphin sky
A proper left turn instead of the right that called.
At sea barriers are left behind.

Shaddaiah said...

Blessed Keeper of Wild Places,

How wonderful for you to capture the Dolphins...
your post is very timely -